Miss Mara’s Titles I Use: Mistress? Sir? Mommy / Daddy? Master?

Miss Mara’s Titles I Use: Mistress? Sir? Mommy / Daddy? Master?

You have the opportunity to already have a title/s you would like to be addressed by based on your personality, or you can experiment until you decide what you are comfortable with.  Let’s use Domina Mara’s for an example.

She is a D0minant, Goddess, Mistress, Lady, Mommy, Keyholder, and Rope Artist.  Miss Mara has 7 titles that She can go by, but depending on the person She is playing with or own, one title is more appropriate than the others and that is what kinksters end up calling Her.  There are titles She has taken on because She lives for the gender bending angle that comes with masculine terms as a Female, and there are qualities that She has in Her play style that don’t define who She is, but are just as valid.

Miss Mara hopes this gives you a bit more of an insight on where She comes from and how vast the Kink! world can really be with infinite combinations and evolutions in time.

To view the video please click on the video below or watch directly on Domina Mara’s Youtube channel here.

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Website: www.DominaMara.org
Youtube: youtube.com/DominaMara
Instagram: instagram.com/MaraDomina
Twitter: twitter.com/MaraDomina http://onlyfans.com/DominaMara
Youtube: youtube.com/GoddessMara
Instagram: instagram.com/Goddess_Mara

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