Sadie Hex Interview

Sadie Hex Interview

Our latest Dominatrix Interview, we talked with Sadie Hex of San Francisco, California to discuss how She became a Professional Dominatrix and her thoughts on the BDSM.

Q) How did you get your started in BDSM?
A) I first started really dabbling in BDSM as a teen. After My first sexual experience I was like, “That was fun! …But what if we add toys?! And breath play?! And bondage and role play, too?!” I didn’t even realize what I was doing was considered “kinky”. I was just doing what felt most natural to Me!

Q) How long have you been a Pro-Domme?
A) I’ve been a Pro Domme since 2014. I’m very lucky to have been trained by multiple amazing Mistresses! There is no learning limit to BDSM… and knowledge is power, so I continue to educate Myself regularly by taking classes offered by other BDSM providers.

Q) What do you offer? What’s your “speciality”?
A) My range of kinky interest is like outer space: It’s awe inspiring, exciting and seemingly never ending! Check out My website directly at to peruse the interests I’m most passionate about.

My speciality is being creative and having fun. That’s My end goal in life—to have a great time all the time, and be creatively free—so why not incorporate that into My sessions?! The world is shit and stressful, but not when you’re in My presence. I genuinely love to see My subs having a good time and, as long as they’re being well-behaved little pets, they’re likely to share laughs, smiles, and wonderful moments with Me. Don’t get it twisted though, I’m not a service top (much respect to those who are). My subs are here for MY amusement, and ultimately I call all the shots

Q) Where do the sessions happen?
A) I take in-call at sessions at The Gates in Oakland, California and outcall in the surrounding Bay Area. I also tour frequently and do FMTY. Keep an eye on My twitter (@TheSadieHex) and website for those travel updates.

Q) What type of subs/slaves do you like?
A) I only see clients who are respectful and have a good attitude. I also love clients who have interest in exploring gender roles with Me! I think it’s so hot to smash stereotypes. Oh, and pain sluts… I can’t get enough of pain sluts. One might say I’m a bit of a sadist.

Q) Why do you think people are drawn to BDSM?
A) That’s a difficult question to answer because people are drawn to BDSM for many different reasons. Everyone’s story is different. That’s one of many aspects that makes it so exciting!

Q) What are some of the biggest misconceptions about your work?
A) Ugh, there’s so many misconceptions about Dommes. A big one for Me is that I only want to see cis men. I see all different kinds of folx! Men, women, gender nonconforming… I’m queer and an equal opportunity hedonist, haha!!

Q) How can potential subs/slaves get in touch with you?
A) Check out My website and then drop Me an email. If you just want to observe Me from afar, follow Me on twitter @TheSadieHex or Instagram @SadieHex.

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