Ms Vivian’s Six Perfect Principles

Ms Vivian’s Six Perfect Principles

The author of this blog is Ms Vivian,

The question arises in people to ask what motivates Me and what made Me decide to be a Professional Dominatrix.  I have been in this industry in some form or fashion for twenty years.  In that time, I Myself have contemplated My why.

I do this for the opportunity to fully express Myself and My power.  I am part counselor, performer, and confidant and I relish and accept all those challenges.  I also expect boys that come to see Me to understand I am dominant in all that I do.  I am not acting.  I am a powerful woman, so brace for impact.

Some boys assume a sameness between women in the lifestyle and professionals.  Do not do this.  Professional value themselves differently and take on this work for a different reason.  Boys would do well to know that they are making an application.  When a boy cheapens what I do as a professional they are not a worthy candidate.

It is irritating and irrational to hear from boys that they can only be with someone that does this for passion.  I do not believe anyone would want to go to a lifestyle doctor just because they have a passion for it.  When I go out and get a nice meal, I expect to pay for it.  When I hear that, or the desperate begging or bargaining, the conversation necessarily ends.  I am a Professional Dominatrix and do not award My time to those who do not respect that.

Over the years I have developed My 6 Perfect Principles to define My essential expectations.  The overarching theme is of humility because through humility boys become better.  I really do make boys better, but it starts with them understanding My expectations.  None of these principles are more important than the other and each build on another. Likewise, boys cannot disregard one.  They are mandatory and I expect boys to have studied these thoroughly before arrival.  When they do, things go splendidly because they are prepared to surrender and accept My Power.

First, Deference.  This is not Burger King and you cannot have it any way you like it.  Boys stumble in often with too many interests to try in a first session.  I prefer Dealer’s Choice, while incorporating things from their interest list.  If you need a slogan, be more like Avis, who tries harder.  I also like their motto of they are “number two.”  Remember your place relative to mine and we will do well.  Defer to My judgement and authority.  When you say you want a Dominant Female, do not let those be idle words.

Second, Respect.  We are human and equals in that, but upon arrival at Dallas Domination, we are not peers. This is not a casual setting and boys should watch their words and manners. Most places have a coat check, whereas at Dallas Domination there is an ego check.   I am alert and aware of your verbal and non-verbal communication.  Avoid use of those most odious forms of address such as “babe” or “sweetie,” or anything that not clearly expressed by the Dominant. For Me, the only acceptable titles are Ms Vivian or Ma’am.  Study how a Dominatrix refers to Herself online and, if necessary, ask.

Third, Punctuality.  This should not have to be on the list, but I want boys to be better and I have had to add it.  Why would you not want to be on time to meet the Professional Dominatrix you are paying to see?  After all, the clock starts on time.  Being late is a sign of disrespect. I will not let you control Me.  I also do not let boys show up late and then think they can get punished, when that is just what they want.

This is the Big Leagues and I see My dungeon as Yankee Stadium.  Treat it accordingly.  Be on time (not early and not late), clean, and ready.  After all, there likely will be a ball game.

Fourth, Quiet.  Boys will not control the conversation.  I will ask you questions, and you can answer.  Otherwise, I do not need your words and they interfere with My preference of quiet.  Boys can freely communicate a safe word, otherwise quiet allows you to be thoughtful about any words you use.  Most importantly, it allows you to exclusively focus on the task at hand and My words and instructions.

Next, Trust and Honesty.  Boys are afforded total discretion under My direction.  Measured trust and honesty can and should be reciprocated.  In seeing a professional you can take comfort and trust that Their knowledge and experience will provide a better, safer outcome, particularly when approached as a voyage of discovery, and not a just-add-water instant experience. I know where we are going and can safely take you there while avoiding injuries and marks.

Finally, Generosity. A generous boy feeds the inspiration to craft an unforgettable experience.  This is, in some respects, related to the service industry and I believe a generous tip is warranted.  It is also much appreciated.  Generosity also allows a good boy to distinguish themselves.

Boys come for the kink, but with growing humility, they become better as a submissive and person.  I do hear by My boys how these principles help guide their dealings with people they care about personally and in work settings.

Ms Vivian is a petite badass and ChairWoman of Dallas Domination.  She is a professional dominatrix based in Dallas, Texas.  Ms Vivian makes available a wide range of in-person, video, and custom clip services.  She prides herself on making boys better.  Are you worthy?  See  The Women of Power of Dallas Domination are working at the highest and hottest level out of a fully equipped dungeon in Dallas, Texas.  They specialize in doubles and more. Dallas Domination only provides CFnm dramatic, non-sexual domination.

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