Mistress Leah Interview

Mistress Leah Interview

In our first Dominatrix Interview here on Dommes Nation we sat down with Mistress Leah of Houston to discuss how She got into BDSM and what she provides to her subs/slaves

Q) How did you get your started in BDSM?
A) I was introduced to BDSM by a local Pro-Domme in town, after I experience the power exchange dynamic I was thrilled, and at that moment I knew this was my path. I begin my BDSM studies under the mentor ship of legendary Mistress Cat of Houston.  I joined the Female supremacy movement Femocracygloval and started the first @FemocracyHouston chapter in 2016.

Q) How long have you been a Pro-Domme?
A) I have being a Pro-Domme for three years, but I was born a dominant Female and raised in a matriarchal family.

Q) What do you offer? What’s your “speciality”?
A) I specialize in humiliation, corporal punishment, slave training, findom and I am currently studying advanced medical fetishism/ medfet.

Q) Where do the sessions happen?
A) I have recently acquire my own BDSM dungeon in Houston, Tx, I also conduct long distance training via Skype, Iwantphone or webcam.

Mistress Leah 2
Mistress Leah 3

Q) What type of subs/slaves do you like?
A) I like submissives who have a true passion for servitude, those who are willing to suffer for Me, those who spoil Me and attend to all my needs. I like man who knows and accepts that Females are superior and embrace Female Supremacy.

Q) Why do you think people are drawn to BDSM?
A) I think people is drawn to BDSM for many different reasons; generally speaking submissives are the most dominant in life so they are looking for freedom from power, and decision making; some people just want to break the norm and do something that for many is considered taboo.

Q) What are some of the biggest misconceptions about your work?
A) I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that submission comes out of weakness; in the contrary submission makes one stronger and can only come out of love.

Q) How can potential subs/slaves get in touch with you?
A) Aspiring submissives can visit my website www.mistressleahsurrender.com you can also find Me on Iwantphone: https://iwantclips.com/phone/store/471884/Mistress-Leah
or Bongamodels: https://bongamodels.com/profile/Misstressleah
My main Twitter account: @leahsurrender29 or you can join and support @femocracyHouston by joining at Femocracy Houston or you may spoil Me by shopping from my wishlist here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlistie=UTF8&ref_=nav_youraccount_wl&requiresSignIn=1

Mistress Leah

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