Mistress Isadora Interview

Mistress Isadora Interview

Our latest Dominatrix Interview, we talked with Mistress Isadora of Philadelphia to discuss how She became a Professional Dominatrix and her thoughts on the BDSM.

Q) How did you get your started in BDSM?
A) I was a gogo dancer at a dance party that many local pro dommes and life stylers frequented. I became friendly with a few of the pro dommes. I was a strip club stripper off and on and had been bartending at strip clubs so I was familiar with sex work. Being a pro domme intrigued me, so I asked one of the dommes if I could sit in on her session to see if it was something I would be into. To say I enjoyed it would be an understatement. I then began training as a pro domme with her and a few others as well as reading as many books as I could. After a few months I started taking sessions on my own and now here we are over a decade later!

Q) How long have you been a Pro-Domme?
A) I am now in my 11th year of being a pro domme.

Q) What do you offer? What’s your “speciality”?
A) My specialities are creative CBT, bondage and corporal punishment. I offer many activities in the BDSM realm. I revel in power exchange, humiliation and slave training to name a few. I love electro and needle play. I enjoy extended and intense scenes but I also enjoy respectful foot fetishists and sissies who are ready to be trained. I offer many activities so potential subs should definitely inquire.

Q) Where do the sessions happen?
A) I am based in Philly and take sessions at Destiny’s Chamber as well as outcalls to hotels. I also travel every few months and take sessions at hotels or local dungeons.

Q) What type of subs/slaves do you like?
A) Subs and slaves who can articulate their interests and most importantly hard limits. Subs both with experience or newbies who have a willingness to explore. With newbies, I enjoy showing them different aspects of their kinks they have been fantasising about and with experienced players I like pushing them a bit further down the rabbit hole. I like slaves and subs who want to serve me , impress me and give themselves to me. The ones that know they are in the hands of a creative and competent Domina who wants to share a mutually gratifying experience with them.

Q) Why do you think people are drawn to BDSM?
A) I think people are drawn to BDSM because it is more than just physical, it can bring on a psychological change that lasts far beyond the session. As a domme, you need to be in control of yourself in scene as well as out. This in turn will lead you to be proactive in your personal life in many ways. As a sub, you are showing vulnerability when presenting your secret kinks to your domme and power exchange is happening. It’s quite powerful. BDSM is cathartic in so many ways for both the dominant and submissive. As a Fem Dom I deal with mostly men. I think many men want to let go and have a strong woman lead them. They want to rid themselves of the beliefs the patriarchy has instilled in them regarding themselves and women. In session we are in a realm that explores what is taboo. Also the obvious which is people are drawn to BDSM because it’s a lot of fun and fetish clothing is beautiful.

Q) What are some of the biggest misconceptions about your work?
A) So many. That I do this because I want to hurt people and I’m a terrible person, that I hate men, that my subs are weirdos and weak, that I have sex with my subs. None of this is true.

Q) How can potential subs/slaves get in touch with you?
A) To book a session read my website and send the information required in the protocol via email. I take cam sessions as well. They can call me on Niteflirt. I’m on there a few times a week. They can peruse my clip stores on Clips4Sale and IWC.

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