Miss Sarah Dom Interview

Miss Sarah Dom Interview

In our latest Dominatrix Interview here on Dommes Nation we sat down with Miss Sarah Dom of Bucharest to discuss how She got became a Proffesional Dominatrix and her thoughts on BDSM.

Q) How did you get your started in BDSM?
A) From My childhood, I was dominant and controlling, I always was that person that was leading and guiding others so being dominant is in My nature. First time when I started doing BDSM practices I didn’t even know what BDSM is or that the things that I was doing had a name, later on when I was 23 I discovered the terminology of BDSM and discovered that I am not  “abnormal”. Once I realized that everything grew naturally to where/who I am now

Q) How long have you been a Pro-Domme?
A) I am not a Pro-Domme for a long time, I started doing pro-domination 4 years ago and it happened without Me planning it or thinking of doing Pro-Domination.

Q) What do you offer? What’s your “speciality”?
A) First, I don’t “offer” nothing :)) I like a wide variety of fetishes, from sensual soft domination to hardcore impact play. I would have to say that My “specialty” is inflicting pain and seducing. Because i am a sadist i enjoy the most whipping, caning, CBT, bastinado, etc.

Q) Where do the sessions happen?
A) I own My very own dungeon, “Wicked Studio” therefore all the appointments are held there and when I am touring I try to find and hire places specially created for BDSM.

Mistress Sarah Dom Dommes Nation - Mistress Directory - Professional Mistresses - UK Mistress Guide
Mistress Sarah Dom Dommes Nation - Mistress Directory - Professional Mistresses - UK Mistress Guide

Q) What type of subs/slaves do you like?
A) I like all types of subs/slaves as long as they use their best manners that are genuine and respectful. Each sub/slave is different so I like the diversity that comes along with that.

Q) Why do you think people are drawn to BDSM?
A) I think that we all at some point in our lives are experiencing, willingly or not, something related to BDSM. Even on a daily basis, the dynamic between people is D/s, leader/follower. Therefore, I do think that people are drawn by the freedom that they find in BDSM and by the desire of discovering and exploring their true selves.

Q) What are some of the biggest misconceptions about your work?
A) There are so many that I don’t even know what to start with. But I would like to start with the misconception related to the session tributes, subs/slaves don’t pay the Mistress so that she can do whatever fetish the sub/slave has. They give the tributes in order to earn the chance of serving the Mistress. Many don’t understand this and believe that the Mistress because it is “being paid” will perform whatever fetish the sub/slave wants which is wrong.

The second misconception is that a Pro-Dominatrix is a prostitute. Totally wrong, a Pro-Dominatrix will NEVER have intercourse sex with her subs/slaves. For sex are prostitutes, for BDSM are the Pro-Dommes and if someone is in search of a mixture they have the option in fetish-escorts. If I, as a Pro-Domme, want to incorporate intercourse sex in sessions I’ll hire a prostitute.

Third is related to consensuality and abusive. Again many believe when they see a BDSM act/play that the Dom is non-consensually abusive toward the sub/slave. What many should understand is that in the BDSM everything is consensual, everything is discussed and negotiated in advance nothing is done randomly.

Those are the first 3 most common misconceptions but the list can continue as there are so many but I do think that eventually, people will learn that nothing is as bad as it seems and that if they don’t understand something it doesn’t mean that that specific something is a bad thing or is wrong. Each person has it’s own normality and preferences and that’s something we all have to accept and respect.

Q) How can potential subs/slaves get in touch with you?
A) The potential subs/slaves can get in contact with Me via My website MistressSarah.com ( https://mistresssarah.com/ ) where they can find many pieces of information about Me and My activity and also can apply for an appointment following the 2 steps procedure or get in direct contact with Me.

Also, they can follow My new Twitter account @MissSarahDom1  (https://twitter.com/MissSarahDom1)  and recently i have reopened the @misssarahdom Fanpage on OnlyFans.com ( https://onlyfans.com/misssarahdom) or if they are in search for clips there is the “MissSarahDom” clips store on IWantClips.com (https://iwantclips.com/store/73318/MissSarahDom).

Mistress Sarah Dom Dommes Nation - Mistress Directory - Professional Mistresses - UK Mistress Guide

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