Simone Justice


I take my role as a dominant very seriously and consider it my responsibility to carefully tend to the well-being of my submissives.

My goal is to discern, meet and exceed the needs of all my play partners.


My style of play tends toward the classic strict dominatrix.  I am known for being formal, observing protocol, and taking play right up to the negotiated limits.My demeanor is mature and professional.

I do not curse, raise my voice or lose my temper, in order to dominate. Those are the crutches of the less skilled.I am of the era, before the rise of what I call the Internet Insta-Domme, when the title of Dominatrix was earned and commanded reverance.

I practice domination that is personal, private, discreet, and not merely fodder for an invented internet persona capitalizing on the new popularity of BDSM.If you are of the now-common mindset that a dominatrix exists for your usage, you will do well to seek a beginner instead of an experienced professional such as myself.

Currently I only play on the phone and webcam, I do not offer in person sessions.  I always respect limits, but I do like to mold my submissives to meet my needs, and to expand their horizons with new experiences​

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I am one of the globe’s most experienced and skilled professional Dominatrices, and a BDSM Hall of Famer.  My proven track record of mentoring ProDommes to successful careers is unparalleled . My protégés and students are currently several of the top ProDommes and most-respected Lifestyle FemDoms, in the world.

I teach internationlly, drawing standing room only crowds at BDSM conferences, adult stores, and colleges, as well as for Simone Justice DommeCraft, a series of classes offering in-depth training for personal and professional play.

My start was as a Lifestyle FemDom into personal BDSM play since my teens, and then I trained with Legendary Dominants in the traditional way. I am proud to pass down their knowledge and add more Dommes to the Dominatrix Lineage of the Late, Legendary, Mistress Sabrina Belladonna. And Master Aryn Blaque, R.I.P.

I hope to honor my Mentors and to give back to the BDSM community that has given so much to me for so long.


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