Muloc Forge

Moluc Forge creates Cuffs, collars, punishment equipment and also specialise in making cages and dungeon equipment.

All our equipment is made extremely strong so even if you are on the plus size our furniture will never let you down.

Muloc Forge offer a range of finishes on all our equipment from dungeon cold steel at its finest to polished or painted and all in between.

The range of furniture we make is designed to open your eyes to the endless possibilities of fun you can have.

We have designed a new idea to make play even more fun.

Hidden in plain site

Have you ever thought of leaving your dungeon room open or your sex toys out for all your family and friends to view them ???


Well just think of the excitement of knowing that friends and family could be stood there admiring your beautiful new furniture that you have just bought. Not having any idea that when they have gone you can be chained down to it. Now that really will get your heart racing.Leave your equipment in view and titilate yourself with the knowledge that it is hidden in plain sight.

Even though the products transform everyday household items into kinky furniture, it remains solid and does not lose its strength.

This range of furniture is designed to help out families with children.Why should your sex life be slowed down because you can’t have a room dedicated to a dungeon. With this idea there is no question of…

Why is that room always locked?

Why can’t I go down there?

Now you can just wait until they are in bed to turn your family room into your erotic play dungeon


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