Mistress Angie

Hello my little subs, once you enter my lair, you surrender my power…you WILL DO my will. I am Mistress Angie, your blessing and your curse. I was born a Dominatrix and I will teach you the laws of hell – show you the heaven within pain. Like a true Goddess, I break down my slaves and build them up according to my liking so they become perfectly fit to worship and serve me. Like the hindus leave their footwear at the door of the temple, you leave your ego elsewhere when you come to me,as my body is your temple, my will is your law…at my feet you learn to pray! When people worship Gods, they do it so that they have the privilege to get a glimpse of their divine beauty, to feel for a fraction of a second the warmth of the Godley love. But be aware: betray, and you will never find your way back to me. You will forever wonder in a desert of despair, loveless and alone. Neither my love nor my punishments are for the faint hearted. Do you think you are ready….as I might be…cumming….
Online sessions include: Erotic hypnosis ; Hypnosis sessions to deeply and totally surrender and obey your mistress; sissification, discipline, humiliation, interrogation, teasing and denial, psychological torture

Role play, objectification, foot fetish, breath play, edging, CBT, orgasm control

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MistressA3003
Email: mistressangie3003@gmail.com
Website: www.mistressangie.com


  • Breath control
  • CBT
  • Edging
  • Foot Worship
  • Orgasm Training
  • Role Play

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