Master Gardener

You will call me Master Gardener

I am a pioneer in the field of ecofetishism, an emergent fetish category that takes plant life as the inspiration for a myriad of BDSM activities. I began elaborating on this concept in 2014 and have since watched my influence spread across the worlds of art, sex education and fashion as well as lifestyle and professional kink.

To know me is to be privileged to bear witness to and serve as inspiration for an innovator. My expansive career in conceptual and performance art has lead me here, to express myself in the most intimate of exchanges — your private art commission: our sessions.

Why ecofetishism? I have long understood my predilection to be that of a dominant and have always felt my strength and sexuality enhanced when embodying this role. But finding an inroad to BDSM evaded me as I am highly visual, aesthetically discerning person.
I began to experiment with using plants and flowers as flagellants on myself and others and found plant life held a deeply erotic charge for me. I found the most pleasing way to enter into the world of kink was ultimately to create my own.

To serve me is to become part of a monumental shift in the way we think about power, hierarchy and our connections to the more than human world. It is to become the canvas for my newest creation and offer yourself in service to something larger than either of us.

It is an exercise in alchemy and a homeopathic healing. It is deeply spiritual and at times may be uncomfortable.
But as anyone who has tended a patch of dirt knows, the rewards are beyond compare.
Won’t you plant yourself in my soil, let go, and grow?

I believe in bringing BDSM out of the dungeon and into the light. Step into the bright dappled sun of my garden and know you are accepted here. There is no shame in wanting to explore power. To explore power is to deepen your understanding of life. In our sessions we are celebrating the profound and complex beauty of life, in its multi-faceted pains and pleasures.

Maybe you have been practicing kink for years and are still searching for a dynamic that impassions you on a deep, visceral level. Perhaps, like me, you have always been interested in BDSM but the aesthetics and existing scenarios have made you question whether it really is for you. I assure you, IT IS. Kink can have a profound healing effect on those who choose to engage it and it is so much more than the whips and chains and leather that popular culture would have you believe. Together we can explore the full spectrum of kink as YOU would like to build it. It is my divine purpose to help you find your way towards a kink universe that works for you.

I am here to encourage your growth. To bring you to the depths of your desire and greatest heights of your expression. I am the gardener of your heart and we are going to dig deep and open you up.

My personal kink involves the use of plant life and plant metaphor to frame the dynamics of our exchange. Where some may wish to engage in a Master/slave, Mistress/sub, Goddess/worm or other role dynamics; I operate under the framework of Master Gardener/plant. I take immense pleasure in fleshing out this role play paradigm and undertake my acts of domination as stewardship for the growth of another being.

In sessions and service arrangements, I enjoy taking traditional kink tools and methodologies and transposing them to the the unique plant-inspired framework of ecofetishism.

Most kinks are par-for-the-course and I will bring a dimension and depth to our play that you may not have previously imagined. I possess a boundless intellect and curious creativity and am capable of elevating your fantasies into transformative experiences and awe inspiring works of art.

I am interested in a range fetishes, activities and methodologies and invite you to explore the edges of your perverted little mind with me.

I practice Risk Aware Consensual Kink and will always respect your limits and boundaries. Adhering to my personal code of ethics and ensuring client satisfaction is of the utmost priority to me.

Cultivating mutual respect is key to the kind of kink I wish to cultivate — and more broadly, the kind of world I wish to live within.

Ginger Figging
Nettle Play
Rose Flogging and Floral Sensation
Vac Bed Florification
Nitrogen Piss Enrichment
Latex Lactation
Vine Hentai Fantasy
Plant Training and Bondage
Plant Conducted Electro-Play
Carnivorous Plant Vore
Plantkin Critter Play
Human Floral Bouquet Ojectification
Aloe Vera Wet and Messy

~ Spanking, Caning, Paddling, Flagellation, CBT, Nipple Torture, Hair Pulling. Trampling. Face Slapping
~ Verbal Abuse, Tease and Denial, Orgasm Control, Embarrassment, Degradation, Human Furniture
~ Gags, Spitting, Cuckolding, Foot, Heel, and Boot Worship, Body Worship, Strong Leg Worship, Ass Worship, Face Sitting/Smothering (clothed)
~ Watersports, Bizarre Roleplay, Sploshing, Double Dominant Sessions, Kinky Shopping Trips & Cash Meets, Financial Domination, Public Play, Dinner & Domination
~ Tickle Torture, Sensory Deprivation, Manipulation, Mummification, Electroplay, Wax & Ice, Material Fetishes
~Gender Exploration & Femininity Training, Maid Training, Slut Training, Behavior Modification, Lifestyle Counseling and Control, Chastity/Key Holding, Exploratory Sessions for Beginners



  • Ass Worship
  • Behaviour Modification
  • Boot Worship
  • Body Worship
  • Caning
  • CBT
  • Chastity
  • Cuckolding
  • Degradation
  • Double Domme
  • Electrical play
  • Face-sitting
  • Face-slapping
  • Feminsation
  • Financial Domination
  • Human Furniture
  • Mummification
  • Nipple Torture
  • Orgasm Training
  • Paddling
  • Spanking
  • Smothering
  • Spitting
  • Tickle Torture
  • Trampling
  • Verbal Humiliation
  • Wax Play
  • Watersports

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