Madame Ellen

German Dominatrix Madame Ellen, expert in scat.

Based in Germany, on tour in Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg.

Classic Mistress with a penchant for the special.
Are you in to dirty games/Scat, Hardsports ? Then you are right with me.
Enjoy my 3 Day intensiv Toilettraining, Hardsports and Watersports, on my Tour.
I offer my service only during my tour dates.

Visit my website, click on “Termine”
Please pay attention to this.
More of my preferences , on my website
In my pictures you see a part of my mobile BDSM equipment which I have on tour.

The special experience in private rooms.
Sexual counseling, demonstrations, BDSM seminars, cinematic presentations, long-term therapies.

I do not offer sexual services!

These very intense encounters give me an insight into your psyche.

You will entrust me with your secret fantasies and quickly feel that you have placed yourself in the hands of an expert.

Target-oriented consultations are guaranteed.

I have in-depth knowledge of the BDSM area that I have acquired over the years.

I offer you a sheltered space where you can drop yourself completely.

Here I accompany you in your personal development and educate you to a useful object.

Attention fulltoiletslaves, your dream comes true!
Take the opportunity and be my toilet for several days and nights. Stay in my dungeon and let me use you when ever i want.
When: in april
Where: in switzerland.
Turn off your mobile and dive away for a few days from the outside world.
Just be my personaltoilet.
Are you interested? Then apply now and make your reservation.


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