Goddess Veera

My name is Goddess Veera. I am the one and the only Vampyre Dominatrix of Montreal.

Stone-cold beautiful and sensual, I am a once in a lifetime experience. A truly unique creature. The Queen of the night. My passions run hot like an amber and I settle for nothing but the best.

When I see something I want, nothing escapes my grasp. So if I’ve set my eyes on you… consider yourself very fortunate to have been chosen by the Vampyre Goddess Veera. Once you enter the blackness of my world … I will drag you to hell and make you feel like heaven. And once your eyes adjust … you will never want to see the light again.


As a sub, servant or slave; you will serve my every command, and be at my beckon call day or night. You will serve a true GODDESS, and I will remind you that LOUD AND CLEAR if you ever dare to forget it. I may have you feed me grapes and champagne as I sit upon my throne, just as I may bleed you lying face down on my cold floor… begging me for mercy. One way or another… you will be wrapped around my finger and you will want to rather die then displease me.

As is my Vampyre nature, i like to play with my food, so to entertain myself, i like to juggle between pleasure and pain. Sensuality and agony. One moment you may feel the softness of my hands run along your bare skin… and the next the sharp pierce of my claws. My eyes will seduce you into submission and you will be transported into a world of bliss and torment. With only my voice to command you, and my fangs waiting; if you were to ever disobey me.

In my world of pain and lust, your every kink will be explored, tested and fulfilled. Newcomers and experienced kinksters welcomed; I do want to let you know of my own tastes to ensure we create a strong chemistry and bond in our sessions.


I have a particular favouritism for pet play, brat taming, impact, bondage, electro, edge/knife play, blood play, some needle play, wax play, chastity cages, and some anal play. Discipline, Shibari, CBT, sissification/feminization, humiliation, boot/heel/foot worship, sensory deprivation, and even setting your skin ablaze (fire fleshing) will be part of the perversions you may beg me to introduce you to.

In our sessions you will experience mystery, seduction and power and once you fall deep under my control, you will never want it to end.


**Golden showers / champagne will require an additional tribute **

My hard limits include: pegging, scat.

All scenes are conducted in a safe, sane and consensual fashion.

Please note I am not providing ANY sexual services or acts , and request for such will have you refused any future sessions.

(If you wish to tribute another way then e-transfer, PayPal or OF, I accept gift cards from Guess, Sephora, La Senza/Victoria Secret or Swarovski)


I have a particular favouritism for:

Pet Play
Brat Taming
Edge/Knife Play
Blood Play
Some Needle Play
Wax Play
Chastity Cages
and some Anal Play
Boot/Heel/Foot Worship
Sensory Deprivation,
and even setting your skin ablaze (fire fleshing)


  • Anal training
  • Boot Worship
  • Bondage
  • Caning
  • CBT
  • Chastity
  • Edging
  • Electrical play
  • Feminsation
  • Foot Worship
  • Impact Play
  • Medical
  • Pet Play
  • Sissification
  • Shibari
  • Wax Play

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