Dominate Me Magazine

Dominate Me Magazine is themed after a series of events that came together to celebrate both the Fetish/BDSM communities and the Heavy Metal/Hard Rock community at the same time.  Well from that event the magazine has now been concieved and is the only magazine of it’s type in the world.

Continuing to celebrate these 2 entities is what Dominate Me Magazine is all about.  Fetish Fashion, BDSM Articles, Interviews and articles with the best in the Fetish/BDSM World Community, Music News, Live Music Photography, Live Music Articles, CD Reviews, BDSM/Gothic Photography, and much much more.

We have the best contributors in the world that we can offer with insights into both communities from personal lifestyle experience to catching up with some of the best in the music industry to bring you the hottest coverage and interviews we possibly can.

You can find our magazine available here: Magcloud 


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